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Dealing with roof-related damages is never a fun time. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming! However, companies like ours offer affordable solutions for roof repair in Warwick. Did you know that we're available 24/7 for roofing emergencies?

We never make our customers wait until a service call is convenient for us. That's just not how we do things around here.

You can count on us for top-notch repair services that are long-lasting and leave your residential and commercial roofing systems in great working order.

As professional GAF-certified contractors, we're seasoned in all areas of roof repair and replacement. Only using top-of-the-line materials and tools, your roof will be in great shape once we're through, and that's a promise.

Did you know that we offer FREE estimates and zero-obligation inspections? Call us today at The Warwick Roofers to get on our schedule.

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What Types of Roof Repair Methods Do We Use?

The way we choose to fix your roof depends on a few different factors. For example, metal roof repair in Warwick, RI, requires different materials than asphalt shingles. However, we do commonly use the following treatments more than others:

  • Fascia Replacement - The portion of the roof that protects the lower edges is called the facia, which is generally designed out of wood boards. Fascia is the first layer of protection that keeps your roof shielded from the elements, and if it is compromised in any way, it must be repaired. 
  • Shingle Replacement - If you're an asphalt shingle roof owner, and most people are, repairing and replacing damaged shingles is a must. Shingles suffer excessive wear and tear due to elements and sun exposure.
  • Gutter Cleaning - When folks think of their roofs that don't imagine the gutters being part of the system, but they are. Your gutters act as an outlet for water to drain off the roof in a structured way. We'll clean and de-clog the gutters and ensure they are fully functional so that the roof's integrity remains intact.
  • Commercial & Residential Repair - Whether you're a home or business owner, our roofing repair services are tailored to your needs. We use specific methods to address damages that affect both roofing system types, including metal roof repair.

Are you experiencing a roof-related emergency? Remember, we are available 24-hours a day to assist you.

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Roof Damages Require Swift & Actionable Repair Services

There are certain things in life that are extremely important such as roof leak repair in Warwick. We understand that the leak might be small and really not bothering you, but you don't see what's lurking beneath the surface, which could be mold growth, structural damages, and other infestations.

Plus, a small leak almost always turns into a big problem and could soon be splashing into your living room and spilling all over your flat screen TV during the next rainstorm. Don't fall victim to something like that! Instead, call us for prompt repair services that leave you feeling confident and at peace.

We'll assess your roof damages and give you a no-obligation estimate. Then, with your approval, we'll schedule a date to get started on the repairs promptly.

Remember, the longer you wait to address your roof's damages, the worse the problem is going to become, and will end up taking down other structures with it. You don't want to foot that bill!

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Timely Roof Repair in Warwick, RI, is Just a Phone Call Away!

When it comes to roof repair in Warwick, we have a couple of goals that we adhere to at all times. First, we want your roof to be safe. So many accidents happen each year due to faulty roofing systems that repair services could have easily avoided. Secondly, we want the services you receive from us to be affordable.

It is hard enough to come to the realization that your roof has a problem but then putting a huge financial burden on top of it just makes matters worse. We'll work with you and your financial situation to get you a price and payment that works.

Plus, we file insurance claims on behalf of our customers and send the agent photo proof of all damages and a detailed description of how they occurred. You are always well taken care of when you choose our team as your repair expert.



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"Working with the Warwick Roofers was a great experience. From the start, the crew was responsive, timely, and explained every piece of the process for our roof replacement. Would definitely recommend them!"
- Joey T.

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Reliable residential and commercial roof repair, replacement, installation, and new construction are our passion. Are you looking for a FREE inspection? We've got you covered! Call us now to discuss the high-quality materials that we use when building you the perfect roofing system.

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